Real estate investments

Investment in real estate and flats has increased in the last few years, mostly due to good expected yields. By investing in real estate, the yearly net yield can be at a level of over 10 %, outside the metropolitan area even clearly higher.

The three decisive cornerstones of an investment decision are the quality of the rental agreement, the location of the real estate and the technical condition of the building. When examining the rental agreement, you should pay attention to the tenant, the duration of the contract and the other conditions. A safe tenant and a long-term contract are half the battle, but the location of the building is the only variable that you cannot control. Through Comreal Oy, investors find suitable investments for their needs, budget and situation and help in improving them. Whether the amount you wish to invest is a hundred thousand euros or several million, we offer you alternatives worth examining, customized for you!

Sales & Leaseback

Many entrepreneurs ask us: Why should I own production areas or office premises and have an amount of capital invested in them?

Comreal Oy provides an answer to this. With the help of our company, owners of both the private and public sector have reached a flexible decision on their premises. The Sale and Leaseback operation is an alternative for an entrepreneur to free their own capital and allocate it to the basic business. Case-specifically, we look for a suitable private or institutional investing party to buy your premises. Simultaneously, a lease contract will ensure business continuity of your operations. The capital invested in the real estate will all be in your till at once.

The Comreal consulting team offers real estate solutions and advice for the needs of the real estate arrangements of big real estate and real estate portfolio owners and investors. Our services include arrangements of real estate portfolios and individual investments, selling and leasing property back, advice related to real estate financing, value appraisement of real estate and portfolios. It is our task to advise our client and administer the whole process, from beginning to end.

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Comreal Oy's evaluation and expert services offer institutional investors, real estate investors, credit grantors, builders and property owners and users the following real estate evaluation services related to office premises, industrial halls, business premises and land, among other things:

  • Evaluations of the market value of real estate and real estate portfolios for the final accounts and the determination of the current balance sheet value
  • Determinations of the current market values for credit grantors
  • Determinations of the current market values for future transactions
  • Development plans and tenant administration of land areas, real estate and real estate portfolios
  • Support for decision making in buying and selling real estates
  • Development and implementation plans of new investments

The evaluations are based on Comreal Oy's strengths and the personnel's expertise and experience in the field, their knowledge of the market and premises management and a systematic way of managing and demonstrating the information.

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Renting services

Having a property or premises stand empty is generally bad business. One of the cornerstones of Comreal Oy's services is bringing suitable premises and a reliable tenant together. The efficiency of rental activity is, on one hand, based on cooperation contracts with the most important real estate investment businesses and numerous private investors and, on the other hand, on visible marketing and, above all, on a wide contact network of experienced professionals.

For an entrepreneur looking for premises, this means finding the right kind of premises at a suitable price within a reasonable period of time and a properly written rental agreement. This way he ensures and improves the prerequisites for his/her business activities.

The lessor gets rental revenue for his/her investment with the help of a reliable and solvent tenant.

The evaluation of the rentability of the premises and thinking up and implementing the measures that have to be taken in the premises are a remarkable part of our rental service for the investors.

Comreal Oy - first-rate mediator of renting premises!

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